Wasp Nest - What do you do about it?

Before you grab that areosol can of wasp and hornet spray, consider this. If it is not bothering anything why bother. Come late fall those wasps will abandon the nest, never to return... <read more>

Update - New Zealand Mud Snail Confirmed in another Sugar River Tributary

The invasive New Zealand mudsnail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum) an NR 40 prohibited species in Wisconsin was discovered in samples collected last season during routine water quality and Water Action Volunteer sampling in Mt. Vernon Creek in... <read more>

Green County Hydrogeologic Study Results

Presentation—“Results of the Green County Hydrogeologic Study”—January 30/12:30pm, Green Co Justice Center, Monroe

The results of a year-long hydrogeological study in Green County will be presented on Tuesday,... <read more>

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