Get to Know Your Watershed

The Lower Sugar River Watershed is a diverse and beautiful area. Rolling hills, lowlands, and wetlands create a rich landscape for the many springs and streams that flow through and beneath the land and into the Sugar River. Our watershed provides clean drinking water, healthy soil to grow our food, year-round recreation, and a habitat for wildlife. Get to know YOUR watershed!

Why Watersheds Matter

Nothing is more important than having clean water to drink! A well-functioning watershed provides clean drinking water, irrigation, and healthy soil for crop production, protection from flooding, and adequate wildlife habitat, in addition to providing enjoyment and outdoor recreation opportunities. We ALL have a stake in clean water!

How You Can Get Involved

Help us protect the health of our land and water and keep our watershed community strong and vibrant for generations to come! We have a wide variety of activities--from water monitoring to educational forums to our Juried Art Exhibit, there are so many ways that you can make a difference, meet new friends, and get to know your watershed.

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