Be a Sponsor

LSRWA invites both public and private stakeholders throughout the watershed to consider supporting the mission of the organization—the care and enjoyment of our water resources—through various sponsorship, donor, and partner initiatives.  Opportunities include providing:

  • funding support through grants and donations
  • in-kind services and operational support
  • endorsement and participation in outreach initiatives
  • adoption of local tributary basins  

Thanks to the support of the following partners, we have begun to make a difference in our watershed community through a variety of education, outreach, and project initiatives.  To see our list of valued partners, please go to our Partners page. 


To find out how you can become a sponsor, please call Susan Lehnhardt at 608.897.8641 extension 1020 or send an email to We'll get back to you right away! Thank you for your interest in supporting our mission.