Programs and Projects

Our Programs and Projects Inform, Inspire, and Make a Difference! 

LSRWA’s programs and projects provide opportunities for people to come together to learn about and enjoy the watershed. By engaging the public in data collection, hands-on conservation projects, and open forums, we encourage citizens to practice good stewardship, enhancing the quality of life for all who live, work, and play here. Together, we can celebrate all that our watershed home has to offer while identifying and applying solutions to our most pressing resource and water supply issues.

Citizen Science Program

  • Watershed Rapid Assessment Survey (WRAS)
  • Water Quality Monitoring & Phosphorus Testing (WAV)
  • Invasive Species Control
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Live Map Development

Watershed Planning Program

  • Watershed Plan 
  • Restoration Model
  • Adopt-Your-Watershed
  • North Fork Juda Branch
  • Searles Creek

Education and Outreach Program

  • Get to Know Your Watershed Events (Field days, Forums)
  • Conservation on the Farm Event
  • Watershed Curriculum and School Outreach
  • Juda Watershed Partnership

Fundraising and Membership Program

  • Juried Art Exhibit
  • Membership Initiative


  • WDNR River Planning Grant (4)
  • WDNR Citizen-Based Monitoring
  • WI Environmental Education Board Water Grant