LSRWA Board/Action Teams

Leading Towards a Future of Clean Water

In addition to welcoming new members to the Lower Sugar River Watershed Association, we’re looking for those special people who choose to step up and take a leadership role. Below is information about our Board of Directors and Action Teams. If one of these seems like the perfect place for you, please email us at or call Susan Lehnhardt at 608.897.8641 extension 1020. 

Board of Directors

The Lower Sugar River Watershed Association was formed in 2011 as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Corporation. Governance of the Corporation comes from the Board of Directors (BoD). Currently, the LSRWA Board consists of a core group of volunteers. The Board of Directors is a fully elected body.

The Board of Director members are elected from the general LSRWA membership at the first annual meeting of the year. Board Directors serve a two-year term, and are eligible for re-election for one additional consecutive term. Terms are staggered to ensure leadership continuity.

The purpose of the BoD is to provide guidance and set direction for the management and stewardship of the LSRWA through the development and establishment of vision, policy, and strategic plans for the association. All matters addressed by the BoD need to be within the framework, scope, and parameters of the mission and the By-Laws, in keeping with federal, state, and local laws, legislation, and regulations which govern not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, and within generally accepted industry and ethical standards, guidelines, and practices.

Board participation is key to the organization’s success. We expect Board members to:

  • Be informed of all active Board projects and initiatives
  • Attend meetings and be prepared
  • Participate actively and wisely
  • Commit to being “part of the team”
  • Share their ideas, thoughts, and perspectives no matter how congruent or divergent they may seem from the whole group
  • Help to create and sustain an organization of which we can all be proud

Action Teams

The role of Action Teams is to get focused work done outside the Board meetings. Action Teams report to the Board of Directors. The LSRWA currently has five Action Teams. The teams and leaders are listed below:

Organization Team
Leader: Lynnette Nelson. The Organization Team is charged with developing relationships within the watershed and bringing in new members.
Technical Team
Leaders: Meredith Tripp, Patrick Daniels and David Aslesen. This team is charged with maintaining the website, updating maps, and GIS services.
Science Team
Leader: Susan Lehnhardt. The Science Team is focused on the science of watersheds, which includes the Citizen Science Programs.
Education/Outreach Team
Leaders: Lindsay Andrews and Jill Sampsom. This team looks for ways to engage the schools and communities in the watershed.
Grant Writing Team
The Grant Writing Team is charged with locating and writing grants to fund various types of activities within the watershed.