Actively Enjoy Nature

The Lower Sugar River Watershed provides many opportunities to enjoy life on and around the water. Some, like canoeing, kayaking and fishing, come to mind easily, but the watershed offers many other ways to relax and unwind.

  • Float quietly on the Sugar River and see how many turtles you can pass without them plopping into the water! 
  • Check out our wonderful local city and county parks in Albany, Brodhead, Orfordville, and Durand.
  • Grab your binoculars and go birding in the woods, wetlands, and prairies of our watershed. Try it at night too, as owls are common, especially near the Sugar River.

Capture the Moment

Mother Nature’s art is all around you with the intersection of water and land in the watershed.

  • Whether you’re out hiking, or just driving through the countryside, pack your camera to capture year-round images of plants, animals, and the ever-changing landscape of the river and her tributaries.
  • Painting and drawing the landscape are other ways to preserve its beauty, and help others to see the true natural wonders of our watershed.
  • Writing down your notes and thoughts in a journal is a great way to help you remember your time exploring the land around the Sugar River.